Friday, January 24, 2014

Earn Money on The Internet: Think Also Strategy and Not Only Tactics

Let's start with a few words about tactics. They are various and some are very successful, but they are essentially changing and ephemeral. Some webmasters have earned fortunes for example using SEO tricks, sometimes using fraudulent deceits, to reach the top of Google. And their fortunes drop when Google has changed its algorithms and suddenly, their empire collapsed. Others tried to use so-called miraculous methods that have proven ineffective or obsolete by the time they were implemented.

It is good to know some tactics. Some still work very well and produce spectacular results. But in the end, do not rely too much on it to make money long term.

Try to imagine an alternative approach based on 10 simple steps:-

1. Choose a niche such as a market segment in which you have expertise, for instance. On the Internet, there is no real concern about having enough small niches. You choose a long tail niche such as 'visiting brazil for world cup 2014' rather than 'visiting brazil' which is a little too broad.

2. Select a product to sell. Rather choose a fast moving product at a reasonable price (no more than 20 Euro) and must have an excellent value for money. Note that you may require only a single product (or at most two or three) but certainly not a full range. If you plan to sell dozens of products online, preferably consider creating some additional sites with different content and schedule only a few products at a time.

3. Find a free gift, excellent quality and very attractive to your niche. In most cases, your gift will be an eBook, software or coupon. Make a squeeze page and collect emails from visitors in exchange for the gift.

4. Purchase at your e-shopping sites. You can occasionally add a surprise gift and this is always appreciated. Use an auto responder to manage the process in an automated way.

5. Build traffic to the sites. At this stage, it is still not relevant to try to get organic traffic, because it can take several months. You need immediate traffic to test and optimize your page, and the best solution is to consider a paid ad in Google, Yahoo, MSN or Facebook. On the other hand, you will be satisfied with very small budgets (the order of 5 to 10 Euro per day) until profitability is materialized.

6. Carefully measure the conversion rate of your visitors. Consider how many subscribers respond to your newsletter. Examine how many sales are converted during the sequence of emails. If the response rate is not satisfactory, you must optimize the process, that is to say, readjust your squeeze page or your e-mail recovery until a satisfactory rate is achieved.

7. Keep on sending interesting information to your subscribers by occasionally inserting free attachment. The frequency would somehow depend on your niche and your strategy. In general, it is good to send an e-mail every 7 to 10 days, and at least once per month. A free gift is nothing but a product which should logically interest those who purchase the first time. Absolutely avoid sending cheap and upsetting products that can destroy your goodwill.

8. Developing the traffic to your site. Once you have tested the response rate of your visitors, you have a good idea of what you can benefit from a new subscriber. So you can use paid methods to get traffic (PPC, ads... ) when the purchase price of the new subscriber is less than its cost. You can also use free methods such as viral traffic, press releases, organic traffic. But be cautious: these methods may look as if free according to your plan, but when you count the time you spend over there, you may be frustrated.

9. At this point, you have created your empire on Internet, that is to say, a community of enthusiastic followers who will buy something from time to time. From here, let's realize how important it is to provide only products (even free gifts) that are appealing and value for money. If your subscribers are frustrated right from their first purchase there is no chance that they will purchase again. Also note that with this first purchase, you have created an environment of trust with your subscribers, and if they would continue purchasing other important products from you depends on how you manage your relationship with them during the stage of pre-sale.

10. Repeat the process with other niches, preferably in related fields. This method of making money on the internet is perhaps not the fastest (although this is not proven at all), but it is certainly one of the safest and one of the few that allows you to progress virtually without limit. With this approach, you are totally protected from the whims of the search engines and you earn money every month with a minimum of maintenance.