Friday, January 3, 2014

Scooter Fuel Efficiency in Times of Rising Gas Costs

Scooters are becoming popular by the day. The sudden surge in scooter sales is because of the rising crude oil prices. People are looking for cheaper and alternate methods of transport. This leads them to ditch their high branded cars and SUVs. Besides it makes no sense to roam around in a larger vehicle, when u can do the same in a scooter in a lesser period of time. Scooters have always been a hit with the masses ever since they were introduced. Like mentioned earlier, scooters are often chosen basically for their fuel efficiency. Most of the scooters manufactured today have fiberglass or aluminum bodies. This helped in making the scooter lightweight, and thus increasing its fuel efficiency. It has been long proven that light weighed vehicles give more mileage.

Besides the engines are also constructed using aluminum blocks, which help in the further reduction in the gross weight of the scooter. Tires also play an important role in the fuel efficiency of a scooter. Improperly inflated tires may lead to increased intake of petrol. This can be explained scientifically. An improperly inflated tire has more contact with the road surface, thus increasing the amount of friction involved. Of course more friction equals to more drag and hence the high usage of fuel. Another recent innovation is the electric scooters. Instead of a petrol engine, electric motors are implemented in such scooters. These electric motors are driven with the help of rechargeable batteries.

As technology advances, the power storing capacities of the batteries are also increased. Besides just plugging them to the household electrical unit charges these batteries. Aerodynamics is an important factor too. This deals with the amount of drag induced on the scooter while it is in motion. While objects are moving at high speeds, the air surrounding it produces a dragging effect on the body. By aerodynamically designing the scooter's body, this can be reduced to a certain extent. Some of the vendors have started using newer engine technologies too. In the olden days only two stroke engine scooters were to be found. With the mandatory inclusion of Euro three emission standards in many countries, four stroke engines are largely replacing two stroke scooters.

These scooters posses higher fuel efficiency and higher power than their counterparts. Besides the transmission systems have also been modified these days. Manual transmission systems are slowly being replaced by automatic transmission systems. Although the comparison between manual and auto transmission is sure enough to start a bar fight, people prefer manual and auto transmissions according to their needs. The fairer sex always prefers auto transmissions as it helps them to learn and maneuver at a faster pace. Men prefer the manual transmission as it gives them more control over the scooter. Frequent usage of clutch will also lead to decrease of fuel efficiency. The clutch comes into play only for the manual transmission systems. For the auto transmission scooters, the clutch is deployed automatically. Whatever the reason be proper usage of the scooter will definitely add on the efficiency. Servicing is also to be done at regular intervals as mentioned by the dealer or the manufacturer.