Monday, February 24, 2014

Euro Tail Lights: An Awesome Mod!

Car manufacturers over the years have developed some radical looking tail light designs for their vehicles. The '65 era Thunderbirds, for one, featured sequential tail lights and, years later, Chevy introduced the '90 Lumina van with monster-sized, can't miss tail lights. Today, tail lights on many cars simply do the job, but leave little to the imagination. Fortunately, after market operators have jumped in and developed some awesome looking mods -- some call them Euro tail lights -- that even your Granny can install.

What are Euro tail lights? For starters, there is some disagreement on the name but essentially they are also known as Alteeza tail lights, the name of a popular manufacturer of this style of tail light. Others prefer terms such as "clear tail lights" or "red tail lights" but in any case they are mods that change the appearance of stock tail lights. In short, you are installing crystal clear or red lenses that go over bullet-style taillight and turn signal lenses. The new lenses, coupled with style rings and platings, help to accentuate the light emitting from auto tail lights and turn signals thereby giving the vehicle a unique look far removed from the original design.

Euro tail lights are marketed in a variety of styles and bezel colors including chrome, carbon fiber, black, etc.; some styles are paintable for a customized look. In addition, new LED or light emitting diode tail lights are also catching on. This particular mod features the installation of new bulbs that light faster and brighter than stock tail light bulbs; they contain no filament and can withstand rough road conditions better than the standard bulbs. Eventually, all cars will likely have LEDs as standard equipment, however you don't have to wait that long.

Of course, if you already own a European make automobile you are likely satisfied with the stock design. Your BMW tail light assembly or Audi tail light assembly is the basis for many of these mods. Still, if you want to squeeze a little extra style out of these types of vehicles there are mods for them as well.

So, are Euro tail lights street legal? They certainly are and they are Department of Transportation (DOT) and Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) approved. No worries about being pulled over by "the law" unless you modify the mod illegally!

Yes, you can upgrade your Ford, Kia, Mercedes tail light or virtually any other automotive tail light legally and quickly. Some makers boast that mods can be completed in as little 15 minutes, so you will break hardly a sweat and have a cool upgrade on your vehicle in no time. Blink! Blink!