Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Volvo Buses Go New Zealand

Looks like a good source of more finances and funding. And it really does look much like good money. Nothing bad there.

What am I talking about? Well, news have it that Volvo Buses has just received an order for some twenty new Volvo V7RLE city buses. Volvo Buses is the sister of Volvo Cars, a company that manufactures cars and other auto products like Volvo car parts and the whole lot.

Anyhow, the order for these twenty buses was actually straight from Auckland, New Zealand. Their customer is the Infratil Public Transport which makes use of city buses that make use of the Volvo engine technology which has been made just right so much so that it has met the emission standards in New Zealand. You see, the great deal here is that Volvo's engine technology can be said to be advanced for the emission standards would yet have to be effective in the year 2012. It may be some years away already but Volvo's client has made sure that as early as now, they would be coming in ready for the new emission standards.

Rune Lundberg is the head of Volvo Buses' Region International and on this new update they received, he says, "With this order, we have achieved a breakthrough in the country also with regard to city buses. I foresee favorable prospects for more orders." Sure enough, if such would be the new emission standards and Volvo has the right kind of city buses for it, then more and more orders may come pouring in for the manufacturer.

So what has these Volvo buses got? According to the company, they have used SRC technology and this is what is responsible for the sharp reduction of emission levels on their buses. This technology can be also considered as the technology that would bring in more sales for the company. You see, with SCR technology, Volvo can create buses that would be able to meet the Euro 5 standard on emissions regulations. "The new Volvo buses have emissions levels that are 70-90% lower than today's city bus fleet in Auckland," explains Warren Cavel, the general manager of Volvo Buses.