Thursday, March 13, 2014

10 Cars That Shook The World In 2007

These cars are not abstract "lineup cars", but specific examples that became heroes of different stories in previous year - sometimes funny, sometimes tragic. Well, here is a top 10 cars that went down in history in 2007.

Handicraft Ferrari

Now people forge not only works of art, but also cars. Expensive, status ones. For example, unknown skilled craftsmen from Pontiac factory managed to produce... an infringing Ferrari.

Fake is so careful and convincing, that only police experts could distinguish it from the original, they noticed that fabric did not issued a car with such vehicle identification number.

Police is searching for masters and they will surely have to appear in court, although, Ferrari leadership should better find them and offer work.

Producer's Maybatch

Previous year Moscow was literally seized with a wave of most expensive and respectable car hijacking. Bentley and Maybatch were among hijacked ones.
In the end of November police managed to find a hijacked Maybatch and returned it to its rightful owner! Detectives also found out 6 of 11 hijacked Bentley.


Super car Lamborghini Reventon priced at 1,48 million dollars that is assembled at a very-small edition according to individual orders was not included in the list of top 10 most expensive cars sold in 2007. So, those who are expecting ordered cars, but do not want making a show of their incomes, can even throw dust in eyes of a tax officer. I say my car is not the most expensive one...


In the moment when Russian soccer team's destiny was hanging by a thread, owner of "Spartak" team promised presenting Croatian team 4 Mercedes cars - in case it defeats UK team and helps Russia out in a final part of Euro-2008.

Well, Croats really defeated England! They did it at Wembley stadium! However, all-Croatian soccer federation is going either presenting Mercedes autos to charity, or refusing from them at all....

Qashqai line

Previous year literally all Russian representative offices of foreign companies-manufacturers underestimated growth of car demand. Result - lines for new models.
Nissan Qashqai put us in shock: one and half year! Really, one should have an inexhaustible reserve of patience or want driving exactly Qashqai, to stand such a line...

Ferrari suicides

An owner of classic Ferrari Testarossa 512 TR decided to test his car's abilities, was not able to make it and run into a bank's wall in a suburb of Madrid. Ferrari is beyond repair.


Swiss company Koenigsegg assemb;ed the first super car in the world which engine works on ... biofuel! At the same time new Koenigsegg CCXR Special Edition makes 1018 hp, 100 km acceleration from rest for 2.9 and gathers speed up to more than 400 kmh!

However, ecologists should not be too glad for Swedes and cite the novelty as an example to other manufacturers: , CCXR Special Edition does not correspond to new ecologic norms, Euro-5.

Pensioner's Lincoln

What to do, if you need to change a wheel, and one of nuts cannot be unscrewd? The simplest thing is borrowing an alligator wrench from your neighbors' garage. However, a 66 y.o. American man decided to make with improvised means, he just had no alligator wrench.

But he had a... shot-gun. Persistent pensioner shot from it at that nut. History does not tell about the nut, but we know for sure a craftsman shot himself finally: shot ricocheted from a wheel, came to his feet, belly area and chin. He should be wiser and step aside little farer...

Champion's Volvo

Volvo's P1800 1966 odometer showed 4.2 million kilometers for 41 years of persistent exploitation. In 1998 this car was already included in Guinness Book of Records, as a car with the biggest mileage in the world (2,57 million kilometers), however, its owner thinks the sky is the limit. He intends to reach a 5-million mileage by 2012, after this moment he is not going to drive anymore.

Thief's concrete mixer

The shortest chase took place in Germany. A 55 y.o. house-builder, who ran a concrete mixer, grow hungry very much and came to a superstore. Taking a cheese pack from a shelf, he decided not to pay for it and went to an exit busily, where security guard stopped him.

However, a thief broke loose from his grip and ran outside, trying to escape on his concrete mixer. Police caught him up near closest light signal already. What is interesting, the whole thing arose from 2,79 Euro...

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