Saturday, March 15, 2014

Skoda Fabia

Since 1999, the Czech manufacturer, Skoda Auto has been producing one of the most stylishly designed supermini. The looks of Skoda Fabia are based on new designs by its parent company, Volkswagen. The car is offered as 4 door saloon or 5 door estate and hatchback models. Available in petrol and diesel versions, most recent models are equipped with 1.4 16valve 80 PS engines which are able to produce torque up to 132N at 3800rpm.


Earlier models of Skoda Fabia were heavier in comparison to its competition but designers soon came out with an innovative 1.2HTP engine which became so popular that VW Polo also adapted it in their newer vehicles. In 2006, engineers boosted specifications by adding a rear seat headrest, three point seat belts and four bodywork colors. In fact, it was the overall design which attracted young buyers who were readily impressed by its sporty looks. To cater to increasing demands, engineers have introduced classical designs including Silverline, Bohemia, Sport, Ambiente and Blackline. Minor changes are also reflected in junior models sold in Eastern Europe which are relatively low priced but doesn't include standard features.

Powerful Diesel Engine

The diesel version of Skodia Fabia has also been an instant hit. The 1.9L turbocharged direct injection system can produce 130 metric horsepower and an amazing 310N at 1900rpm. It is controlled by a manual six speed gearbox which can accelerate to 100km/h in approximately 8 seconds. Although, the official acceleration speed is quoted to be more than 9 seconds but tests by major industry outlets have proved that the reliable diesel engine is actually more powerful than its contemporaries. A 6 speed tiptronic transmission and 7 speed direct shift gearbox are also available for customized models.

5J Model

The new 5J models have been rolled out with additional safety features. All European models are fitted with driver, passenger and side airbags. A highly advanced internal safety feature that prevents wiring from heating up is another distinguishing aspect of 5J models. According to Euro NCAP safety tests, Skoda Fabia is recommended to be 4 stars in adult occupancy ratings and three star for child occupant. Considering traditionally lower safety ratings for small cars, it is an impressive feat to achieve such high ratings in its class.